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可口可乐验厂审核内容    Code of ConductAssessment Checklist    1.   强迫劳动    Forced  Labor    强迫劳动    1.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on forced labor or understand its requirements?    1.1关于强迫劳动的法律文本    1.2  Are all workers present voluntarily at the factory?    1.2都是工人在工厂目前的自愿上班?    1.3  Are workers free to leave after working hours? Is any restriction placed?    1.3员工离开工作小时后有空吗?任何限制吗?    1.4  Are workers permitted time-off with doctor’s certificate when sick or for maternity?    1.4是工人允许补假,当生病或产科医生的证明?    1.5  Is any evidence of physical or verbal abuse identified? Whether use of force observed, at least for overtime work?    1.5?有无体罚?折骂?    1.6  Do all workers sign employment contracts with the factory? Is it unfair or illegal?    1.6所有工人与工厂签订劳动合同吗?这是不公平的或非法吗?    1.7  Is any evidence identified that security guards were used to coerce workers ?    1.7任何证据发现,保安被用来迫使工人吗?    1.8  Are workers not required to lodge deposits or original documents such as ID papers, training certificate, etc.?    1.8有押金?押身份证吗?    1.9  Is any physical method impeding freedom of workers such as surveillance camera, locked exit during working hours or perimeter fences, etc?    1.9工作时有闭路电视等监督吗?    1.10  Is any evidence identified on the use of forced labor / prison labor?    1.10任何证据确认使用强迫劳动/监狱劳动呢?    2. 童工    Child  Labor    2.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on child labor OR understand its requirements? What is the legal Youngest age of workers?    2.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规童工或了解其需求?工人的法定最小年龄是什么?    工厂是否有关于童工的法律文本复印本。法定最小年龄多少?    2.2  Does the factory have a copy of valid regulations and laws on young worker protection OR understand its requirements?    2.2工厂有一份有效的年轻的工人保护法律法规或了解其需求?    工厂是否有关于未成年工的法律文本复印本    2.3  Does the factory have effective procedures to verify the age of worker at the time of recruitment? 有无核对工人年龄的程序。    2.3工厂是否有有效的程序来验证员工招聘时的年龄吗?有无核对工人年龄的程序。    2.4  Does the factory keep adequate age documents of workers such as ID copies and personnel records?    2.4工厂保持足够的年龄员工身份证复印件和人事记录等文件?    有无工人的年龄资料。    2.5  Is separate register maintained for child labor / young workers?    2.5是单独注册维护童工/年轻工人吗?    童工和未成年工是否分开登记。    2.6  Is any evidence identified that child labor was employed at the factory?    2.6任何证据发现童工在工厂工作吗?    2.7  Does the youngest age of workers at the factory Comply with local legal requirements?    2.7是最年轻的年龄的工人在工厂遵守当地法律的要求吗?    2.8  Does the factory have effective remediation programs existing for child labor (where appropriate)?    2.8工厂是否有有效的补救程序现有的童工(在适当的地方)?    2.9  Is child remediation program monitored by the labor ministry / UNICEF / ILO (where appropriate)?    2.9由劳动部儿童补救计划监控/联合国儿童基金会/国际劳工组织(在适当的地方)?    2.10  Are suspected young worker age records such as age certificate, local records or certificate from surgeon verified?    2.10被怀疑年轻的工人年龄记录,比如年龄证书,从外科医生验证本地记录或证书?    2.11  Are children or young workers engaged in hazardous work?    2.11是儿童或年轻工人从事危险的工作吗?    童工/未成年工是否安排在危险岗位?    2.12  Are children or young workers employed at night shift?    2.12是儿童或年轻工人在夜班吗?    童工/未成年工是否安排有夜班吗?    2.13  Does the factory implement any work experience/ apprenticeship scheme for school age children?    2.13工厂实现任何工作经验/学徒计划为学龄的孩子吗?    2.14  Are above findings confirmed through interview with workers?    2.14以上的发现证实了通过采访的工人吗?    3.   健康与安全 Health and Safety    3.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulation on health and safety or understand its requirements?    3.1工厂有一份有效的健康和安全法律法规或了解其需求?    3.2  Is written health and safety policy posted and signed by top management?  3.2有无健康安全政策贴在现场吗?    3.3  Is safety committee established with members representing the various shifts, functions and levels?    3.3该委员会应有不同班次,不同岗位,不同层次的人员参加?    3.4  Is a senior management representative for health & safety appointed? If yes please specify the title.    3.4有无健康安全代表吗?    3.5  Does the factory arrange health and safety training for new workers?    3.5工厂安排新员工健康和安全培训?、    3.6  Are training and awareness programs on health and safety arranged regularly for all workers?    3.6在健康和安全培训和意识项目安排定期对所有员工吗?    3.7  Are accidents reported and recorded? 有无事故记录?    3.7事故报告和记录吗?有无事故记录吗?    3.8  Does the factory keep injury / illness records such as daily injury and illness log, injury statistics, illnesses report or any other safety statistics?    3.8工厂保持受伤/疾病记录日志,如日常伤害和疾病损伤统计,疾病报告或其他安全统计数据吗?    3.9  Are corrective actions taken to prevent recurrence of work related accidents?    3.9是否采取了纠正措施,以防止复发与工作相关的事故?    3.10  Does the factory have valid fire inspection certificates issued by local fire service authority? 消 防验收报告?    3.10工厂是否有有效的消防检查由当地消防部门颁发的证书吗?消防验收报告?    3.11  Does the factory have adequate number of fire extinguishers at each factory floor?    3.11工厂有足够数量的灭火器在每个工厂吗?    3.12  Are all fire extinguishers inspected and tested regularly and ready to use at all times?    3.12所有灭火器定期检查和测试,可以使用在任何时候?    3.13  Is an effective fire extinguishing system i.e. fire hydrant/fire hose or sprinkler installed at each factory floor and maintained properly?    3.13是一种有效的灭火系统即消防栓/消防水龙带或洒水喷头安装在每个工厂和维护正常吗?    3.14  Are all fire extinguishing systems inspected and maintained properly?    3.14所有灭火系统检查和维护正常吗?    3.15  Is fire and hazard early warning system such as smoke detector installed and regularly tested?    3.15是火和烟探测器等风险预警系统安装和定期测试?    3.16  Are fire drills conducted regularly at least once a year? When and how?    3.16定期进行消防演习每年至少一次?    3.17  Are fire exits and escape routes adequate at each factory floor?    3.17消防出口和逃生路线足够在每个工厂吗?    3.18  Is any fire exit and escape route blocked or locked? Is any slide door used at the factory?    3.18安全出口和疏散路线阻塞或锁吗?是在工厂使用的滑动门吗?    3.19  Are exits and fire exits identified with sign or indicator lamps?    3.19出口和消防出口识别标志或指示器灯吗?    3.20  Are adequate emergency lights installed at each factory floor?    3.20适当的紧急停车灯安装在每个工厂?    3.21  Is the factory no more than 5 minutes away by fire engine from nearest fire station?    3.21最近的消防站离厂区在5分钟内能到吗?    3.22  Did any fire accident take place in the past 12 months at the factory?    3.22 12个月内发生过火灾吗?    3.23  Does the factory have valid inspection certificates for boilers, elevators, pressure vessels and other equipment per local regulation?    3.23工厂是否有有效的检验证书的锅炉,电梯,压力容器证书吗?    3.24  Are the operators of above-mentioned equipment trained and qualified per local regulation?    3.24锅炉,电梯,压力容器操作员证书吗?    3.25  Are adequate guarding or devices installed for moving/rotating parts of machine, pulleys and belts or any other dangerous parts of machines?    3.25设备安全保护装置合适吗?    3.26  Is any instruction emphasized to prohibit loose clothing, jewellery or long hair near moving machinery?    3.26员工保护指引:如不带首饰,长发应盘起来等等。    3.27  Are all electricians, welding operators and forklift drivers etc. trained and qualified per local regulations?    3.27电工,叉车工,电焊工证书吗?    3.28  Is electrical safety procedures implemented effectively to ensure safety precautions such as grounding, discharging, and testing to be taken?    3.28电气安全规程实施有效地确保接地等安全措施,卸货,并测试了吗?    3.29  Are all the electrical wires installed in fully acceptable condition and adequately protected?    3.29所有的电线安装在完全可接受的条件和充分的保护?    3.30  Are electrical installations are checked periodically and repairs carried out by competent electrician?    3.30定期检查电气安装和维修由合格的电工吗?    3.31  Is hot work permit procedure implemented for welding, cutting and open flame operation at the factory?    3.31热工作许可证程序实现对焊接、切割和明火操作在工厂吗?    3.32  Are all site buildings maintained in good condition in both physical surface and structure?    3.32所有站点建筑维护状况良好物理表面和结构?    3.33  Are dangerous/hazardous substances used or stored at the factory?    3.33化学品存放安全吗?    3.34  Are these substances safely and securely stored?    这些物质安全、可靠存储是3.34 ?    3.35  Are administration and engineering controls (reduced shift hours, ventilation fans and exhaust fans) introduced to reduce personal exposure?    3.35管理和工程控制(减少转移时间,通风设备和排气风扇)介绍了减少个人接触吗?    3.36  Are personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, glasses, gloves, earplug / muff, boots, or protective clothing provided at factory cost and in fully acceptable condition? PPE    3.36个人防护装备(PPE)如眼镜、眼镜、手套、耳塞/套,靴子,或提供防护服在工厂成本和完全可接受的条件?个人防护用品    3.37  Is air quality test done if hazardous fumes existed?    3.37空气质量经过测试吗?    3.38  Does the factory have a suitable working environment in respect of ventilation, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, and tidiness (overcrowding)?    3.38工厂可有一个合适的工作环境的通风,温度,照明,清洁,和整洁(不拥挤)?    3.39  Does the factory arrange regular health examination for workers exposed to hazardous environment?    3.39危害工位员工是否定期体检?    3.40  Are there adequate evidences confirming that the workers’ health is not affected by hazardous factors?    3.40是否有足够的证据证实工人健康不受有害因素的影响?    3.41  Does the factory have any occupational health inspection certificate issued by local government authority?    3.41工厂有没有职业卫生检验证书出具当地政府权威吗?    3.42  Are adequate first aid kits located at each factory floor and marked with signs? 急救设备?    3.42是足够的急救用品位于每个工厂和标示牌吗?急救设备?    3.43  Are adequate workers trained on first aid? How many trained first aiders at the factory? 急救人员?    3.43是足够的工人培训急救?有多少训练第一从犯在工厂吗?急救人员吗?    3.44  Is an in-house clinic/first aid station established with competent doctor/first aider employed at the factory?    3.44有一个内部诊所/急救站建立与主管医生/急救人员在工厂工作吗?    3.45  Is a nearby medical centre/hospital/clinic available to factory?    3.45是附近的一个医疗中心/医院/诊所提供给工厂吗?    3.46  Is potable water accessible and adequate at each factory floor?    3.46是饮用水和适当的在每个访问工厂吗?    3.47  Are lavatory facilities accessible, clean and reasonable in number at each factory floor? Does it meet local requirements?    3.47访问厕所设施,清洁和合理的数量在每个工厂吗?满足当地的需求吗?    3.48  Toilets are private and segregated for men and women?    3.48男女厕所是私人和隔离?    3.49  Are washbasins and water taps available? Adequate?    3.49脸盆和水龙头?足够吗?    3.50  Are the factory kitchen and canteen clean and hygienic with adequate facilities?    3.50工厂厨房和食堂干净和足够的卫生设施吗?    3.51  Are kitchen and canteen subject to local government licensing? If yes, does the factory have such a permit or license?    3.51是厨房和餐厅受到当地政府的许可?如果是,工厂有这样的许可证或执照吗?    3.52  Are adequate evidences identified that workers working in kitchen are suitable to food service? Such as health examination.    3.52是足够的证据发现,工人们在厨房工作适合食品服务吗?如健康检查。    3.53  Is there any food safety program established to ensure all the food and stuffs purchased from reliable sources?    3.53是否有建立食品安全计划,以确保所有的食物和东西从可靠的来源购买吗?    3.54  Is any pest control program established and implemented effectively?    3.54是害虫控制程序建立和实施有效吗?    3.55  What is the average dormitory space per worker? How many workers per room? Does it meet with local norms and standards?    3.55平均每个工人的宿舍空间是什么?有多少工人每房间吗?会见当地规范和标准吗?    3.56  Is there adequate living space for each worker and meet the requirements of relevant local regulations?    3.56为每个工人有足够的生存空间和满足当地有关规定的要求?    3.57  Are recreation areas available at the factory?    3.57娱乐区域的工厂吗?    3.58  Are kitchen, laundry facilities available in dormitory?    3.58的厨房,洗衣设施提供宿舍吗?    3.59  Is there an adequate supply of sanitary drinking water available to workers at adequate distance at dormitory?    3.59有一个可用的卫生饮用水充足供应工人在宿舍在适当的距离吗?    3.60  Are there adequate toilets with hand basins available to workers at adequate distance at dormitory?    3.60提供给工人有足够的厕所用手盆在适当的距离在宿舍吗?    3.61  Are there adequate bathrooms available to workers at dormitory?    3.61有足够的浴室提供工人宿舍吗?    3.62  Are sanitary areas clean and hygienic with available washing facilities?    3.62卫生区域清洁和卫生,可用洗设施吗?    3.63 Are the dormitory clean, safe and well lit?    3.63宿舍的清洁、安全、点燃?    3.64  Are workers free to exit & re-enter dormitory freely? Are any curfew hours set?    3.64员工自由退出和重新进入宿舍有空吗?有宵禁时间设置吗?    3.65 Are adequate security measures provided to protect workers at dormitory?    3.65提供适当的安全措施来保护工人在宿舍吗?    3.66  Do the dormitory buildings appear structurally sound and in acceptable repair?    3.66做宿舍建筑结构出现声音和接受修理吗?    3.67  Are dormitory exits unblocked and unlocked for emergency evacuation?    3.67宿舍出口畅通,为紧急疏散解锁吗?    3.68  Are written dormitory rules posted? (if yes please attach copy)    3.68编写宿舍规则发布?(如果是请附上副本)    3.69 Are fire emergency evacuation plans posted at dormitory and understood by all workers?    3.69消防紧急疏散计划张贴在宿舍和理解所有工人吗?    3.70  Is any worker’s dormitory located in the building of production and/or warehouse?    3.70任何工人的宿舍位于建设生产和/或仓库?    4. 结社自由  Freedom of Association    4.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on trade union and freedom of association or understand its requirements?    4.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规工会和结社自由或了解其需求?    4.2  Is workers’ right to form and join free trade unions and workers’ associations acknowledged by the management and workers?    4.2是工人的权利形式,加入自由贸易工会和工人协会承认的管理和工人?    4.3  Are trade unions or workers’ associations formed at the factory?    4.3工会或工人协会成立的工厂吗?    4.4  Do workers elect their own representatives / spokesperson? If yes, please specify their title.    4.4员工选举自己的代表/发言人吗?如果是的,请指定标题。    4.5  Do worker representatives have access to members at workplace?    4.5工作场所工人代表访问成员吗?    4.6  Is any evidence identified on disparate treatment between union/non-union workers?    4.6任何证据确认之间的差别性对待工会/不属于工会的工人吗?    ,  , 4.7 If restricted by law or if there is no formal workers union / association, does the factory facilitate parallel means such as worker committee?    4.7,如果受法律限制或如果没有正式的工人工会/协会,工厂工人委员会等促进并行手段?    4.8  For non-unionised factory, are fair and effective mechanisms to ventilate and resolve grievances of workers in place?    4.8名非工会工厂,是公平和有效的机制来通风和解决不满的工人?    4.9  Does the factory provide workers to choose a representative from their own group to facilitate communication with senior manager?    4.9工厂提供工人选择代表自己组促进与高级经理的沟通?    4.10  , , , , Does the factory encourage workers to formally join and carry out activities like complaints & resolutions of workers’ grievances, health & safety related activities, worker – management activities on productivity, etc.?    4.10,,,,工厂鼓励工人正式加入和开展活动,比如投诉&决议工人不满,健康与安全相关的活动,工人,管理活动效率,等等。    Does  interviews with, , workers &, , amp; representative confirm the above findings ?    采访,工人&,,,代表证实上面的发现?    5.   歧视 Discrimination    5.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on non-discrimination or understand its requirements?    5.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规不歧视或了解其需求?    5.2  Is any evidence identified on discrimination in employment, promotion, compensation, welfare, dismissal and retirement, etc.?    5.2是任何证据确认在就业歧视,晋升,薪酬、福利、解雇、退休等。    5.3  Do employment reflect local ethnic/religious breakdown – no domination by one group?    5.3做就业反映当地种族/宗教统治崩溃——没有一组?    5.4  Does employment records show any evidence of discrimination – patterns of dismissal?    5.4就业记录显示任何歧视的证据——解雇的模式?    5.5  Do workers have access to and familiarity with procedures for filing complaints about discrimination?    5.5做工人进入和熟悉程序备案抱怨歧视?    5.6  Is equal salary for equal work for male and female workers implemented at the factory?    5.6等于工资平等工作男性和女性工人在工厂实现吗?    5.7  Is there any existence of sexual harassment, especially of young female workers?    5.7有性骚扰的存在,尤其是年轻的女性员工?    5.8  Is any evidence identified on discrimination through interview with workers, individual and collective?    5.8任何证据识别歧视通过工人的采访中,个人和集体的?    6.Discipinary实践    6.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on disciplinary practices or understand its requirements?    6.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规纪律实践或了解其需求?    6.2  Does the factory have documented disciplinary rules and communicate to all workers?    6.2工厂有书面的纪律规则和沟通所有工人吗?    6.3  Are the disciplinary rules fair, reasonable and legal or validated by local government authority?    6.3是纪律规则公平、合理、合法或由当地政府机关验证?    6.4  Does any evidence exist for mental / physical coercion?    6.4有无精神/肉体上的压迫?    6.5  Is any evidence of deductions from pay for non-fulfilling production target or sickness?    6.5任何证据的扣除支付non-fulfilling生产目标或疾病吗?    6.6  Are the worker’s disciplinary actions recorded?    6.6职工的纪律行动记录吗?    6.7  Do workers have access to appeal in case of infractions / breaking of rules.    6.7做工人获得上诉的违规/打破的规则。    6.8  Are the fines used for workers‘ benefits?    6.8罚款是否用于员工福利?    6.9  Is the factory free of any citation, penalty from violation of laws and regulations in past 12 months?    6.9 12个月内发生过罢工吗?    6.10  Do interviews with workers confirm above findings?    6.10工人证实以上发现的采访吗?    7. 工时  Working Hours    7所示。工工作时间时    7.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on working hours or understand its requirements?    7.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规在工作时间或了解其需求?    What  are the local legal working hours per week?    7.1关于工时的法律文本吗?    7.2  Does the factory have written policy on working hours, rest and vacations and communicate to all workers?    7.2关于工时的工厂内部规定吗?    7.3  Does the working hours policy meet local laws and regulations?    7.3工作时间政策满足当地法律法规吗?    7.4  Is the working hours of individual workers recorded by time card or attendance record?    7.4是个别工人的工作时间记录的时间卡或考勤记录?    7.5  What is the factory’s regular working hours per per/week/ month? Does it meet local legal requirements?    7.5是什么工厂的常规工作时间/ / /周/月?满足当地法律要求吗?    7.6  What is the maximum working hours of individual workers per day/week/month? Does it meet local legal requirements?    7.6的最大工作时间每个工人每天/周/月?满足当地法律要求吗?    7.7  What is the average working hours of individual workers per day/week/month? Does it meet local legal requirements?    7.7每个工人的平均工作时间是每天/周/月?满足当地法律要求吗?    7.8  What are the average overtime hours of individual workers per day/week/month? Does it meet local legal requirements?    7.8是什么每个工人的平均加班每天/周/月?满足当地法律要求吗?    7.9  Do workers have reasonable time for meal breaks and rest break?    7.9员工有合理的时间吃饭休息休息休息?    7.10  Does the factory have any valid written approval or permit on extra overtime hours from local labor authority?    7.10有无地方政府关于延长工时的批文吗?    7.11  Do workers work overtime voluntarily? Do they have the right to refuse overtime?    7.11员工自愿加班吗?他们有权利拒绝加班吗?    8.   环境 Environment    8.1  Does factory operate an Environmental Management System?    8.1有无环保管理体系?    8.2  Does this include waste water treatment?    8.2这包括废水处理吗?    8.3  Does this include hazardous waste treatment?    8.3这包括危险废物处理吗?    8.4  Does this include air pollutant treatment?    8.4包括空气污染物处理吗?    9. 待遇    9.待遇补偿    9.1  Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on compensation and benefits or understand its requirements?    9.1工厂有一份有效的法律法规在薪酬和福利或了解其需求?福利待遇的法律文本吗?    9.2  Does the factory have written policy on compensation and benefits and communicate to all workers?    9.2工厂写了薪酬和福利政策和沟通所有工人吗?福利待遇的工厂内部规定。    9.3  Does the compensation and benefits policy meet local laws and regulations on working hours?    9.3薪酬和福利政策满足当地法律法规工作时间吗?    9.4  What is the paid minimum wages at the factory? Do all workers’ wages meet local minimum wages? (including trainees / apprentices / workers in probation period)    9.4支付工厂的最低工资是多少?做所有工人的工资满足当地最低工资吗?(包括培训生/学徒/员工在试用期)    9.5  Is compensation calculation method communicated to all workers and understood by them clearly?    9.5是补偿计算方法传达给所有员工明确和理解他们吗?员工理解相关规定吗?    9.6  Are fair and legal rates paid for overtime?    9.6是公平和合法利率支付加班吗?    9.7  Are all compensation paid to workers themselves in cash/cheque/direct to bank or any other method convenient to workers?    9.7都是付给工人的补偿自己的现金/支票/直接向银行或任何其他方法方便工人?    9.8  Do workers receive correctly calculated wages per local legal requirements?    9.8做工人收到正确计算工资/当地法律要求吗?    9.9  Are wage slips given to workers and are they understood (rates, totals, deductions, benefits) ? 有无工资单给员工?    9.9是给工人工资通知书,他们明白(利率,总数、扣除、福利)?有无工资单给员工吗?    9.10  Is there a sufficient system to let workers check/ verify their wages?    9.10有足够的系统让工人检查/验证他们的工资吗?    9.11  Are workers’ wages deducted for any reason other than tax, social security?    9.11工人工资以外的任何理由扣除税收、社会保障?    9.12  Are these deductions fair, reasonable and legal?    9.12这些扣除公平、合理和合法吗?    9.13  Is the payment frequency reasonable? Does the factory withhold workers’ wages for any reason?    9.13付款频率合理吗?工厂保留工人的工资由于任何原因?    9.14  Is extra work to fulfil production target demanded without payment? Is rework paid?    9.14是否存在为完成任务而加班且无加班费?    9.15  Is any evidence identified on payment in kind, e.g. food or products?    9.15任何证据确认实物支付,如食物或产品吗?    9.16  Are all workers provided social insurance per local legal requirements? <    9.16所有员工提供社会保险/当地法律的要求吗?<
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